Starting a Blog

November 25th, 2018

Blogging is so 2001 ... right?

I've been thinking about starting a blog for several years. I think StumbleUpon first inspired me to blog. Since they have recently been acquired, I guess it's only fair to finally start pumping out these blogs. There are a few reasons why I'd like to write regularly: increase my communication skills, document my software development journey, and offer hope to those with a non-traditional background similar to mine.

Continuing with the StumbleUpon reference, during its existence, and really as far as I can remember, I used to write regularly for myself by keeping a journal. It was a reflection tool. It served as an outlet to vent. It helped me process the events of that day or any problems that I was addressing at that time. Writing regularly (outside of academic papers) helped me clear out my thoughts, reflect upon them, and speak about them clearly when needed. I stopped writing years ago. Lately I've noticed a decrease in my focus and in my ability to express myself to others overall.

As an introvert, I already spend a good amount of time in my head and, more often than not, I don't feel the urge to socialize. I'm happy to be around people, but I love being able to recharge on my own. However, as an aspiring developer and as someone who values collaboration, communication is key to success and working well with others. I'm hoping that as I blog regularly, I'll see an increase in my focus and people will find me easier to understand. 
I haven't really shared my development journey, but I think it's a story worth sharing. I started to pursue a career in software development around the summer of 2017. I had just completed a coding bootcamp and, although I was still just slightly familiar with development fundamentals and tools, I was certain about staying in the field. Unlike any other paths I'd experimented with up until that point, I was hooked with development. Anyone who knows a bit about my sad story will point out that my career path has resembled a trial and error experiment. I have fumbled around many unrelated paths to find a good fit. That journey will have its own post (posts?), but I can safely say that I've finally found a place where I belong.

My development journey is also a bit unusual or non-traditional. I don't have a Computer Science degree. I don't have a background in gaming. I don't have years of experience with one particular programming language. I'm not a mathematical genius. Yet, here I am -- unapologetically in the field as a Software Crafter Apprentice at 8th Light. I'm learning and looking for opportunities to grow and master my craft as a programmer. I hope that I can offer some wisdom to those unsure about entering the tech field with credentials that may seem irrelevant.

Let the posts begin!

Although I'm still sad about StumbleUpon leaving the scene, I'm excited to start posting and sharing my experiences. My upcoming posts will highlight my apprenticeship experience.