Hi! I'm Tiffani, a self taught creative born and raised in Chicago. I'm a University of Illinois at Chicago graduate with a degree in Spanish. Since graduating, I've gained several years of experience in the healthcare field. I'm especially interested in the intersection of art, social justice, and technology. I enjoy finding outlets and challenges that allow me to add color or improve processes.

I've been creating visual narratives for as long as I can remember. My parents funded my purple horse drawing habits. My dad encouraged me to cultivate my craft. I've since moved away from crayon horses -- most of my work now involves acrylic, resin, and bees wax. I focus on capturing the depth of human expressions and the movement of biological processes in the natural world. My ultimate goal is to create art that reminds people of their connections to others through shared experiences and emotions.

I've been developing software for 2 years. Although I'd been interested in programming since high school, my path to developing software was not so straightforward. My programming journey started with a serious habit of completing Codecademy lessons which helped me create a recruitment tool for my previous employer. That experience led to a recommendation for completing a web development bootcamp three years ago. Some time after the bootcamp, I had the opportunity to go through an apprenticeship program at 8th Light. I was offered a full time role at 8th Light after my apprenticeship.

I'm currently a Software Crafter at 8th Light. Whether I'm writing code or painting, I love learning about new tools and sharing knowledge with others. During code or paint breaks, I enjoy organizing tech events for People of Color Code and Write/Speak/Code, protecting my plants from my cat, and posting food pics.

Feel free to contact me if you have questions about: my bootcamp experience; 8th Light's apprenticeship program; getting involved as an organizer with POC Code or Write/Speak/Code; or if you'd like custom artwork.